Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stanton St. Farms happened (is happening) by accident and luck. My backyard is in shade and my roommates and I were wondering where we could plant a full sun garden. While walking though an empty lot a few doors down Luke and I ran into our neighbor Rigel. Rigel has been working to clear out the overgrown bramble and roofing from the space behind his apartment building for some time now. He put us in touch with the owner who gave us permission to plant a garden ourselves. Enthusiasm for the space geared up after neighbors saw our progress and they wanted in.

Currently there are zones that are ready to be planted and zones that need to be reclaimed. While we are planting and growing in beds that we have prepared we are also working with the community to clean up and remove waste so new beds can be created.

Last saturday we had our first community cleanup and it was a huge success. We removed 5 TONS! of roofing tails and waste. Next Saturday we are back at it and we won't stop until the job is done and the earth reclaimed. Also in the works is the construction of a 3 bin compost as well as a chicken coop.
Last Saturday's Cleanup! 5 tons of waste removed from the soil!