Monday, May 24, 2010

Trellis Built, Tomatoes Planted!!!

We built a trellis today out of concrete reinforcement and rebar. It's 20 feet long and 7 feet tall!

Under it we planted 17 Tomatoes plants. All heirloom and a nice variety - Reds, yellows, whites, blacks, marbled, ect. After reading Carrots Love Tomatoes, a wonderful book on companion planting by Louise Riotte, I decided to get some carrots in the ground in front of the Tom's.

In addition we planted about 100 French Breakfast Radishes over the weekend. They are great raw or cooked and only take about 25 days to grow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Check out this time-lapse of growth

April 1

May 1

June 1
July 15

Everything is growing/Everything is happy!

The Potatoes are starting to come up!

New growth on the Brussels . . . getting big!

The Greens are loving this weather - we have been harvesting daily for salads. The Arugula is especially peppery . . . yumm!

The Artichoke has lots of new growth. Think we may need to transplant it though, it's gonna get pretty big and it might get in the way down the line.

Stanton St. Farms Expands!!! 2 New Chicken Coops & 5 Raised Beds!

Between the two houses we have two coops and 10 chickens!

Rebecca & Silas taking care of their new chickens . . .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

20,000 Pounds of waste removed from future garden site!

Not the best pic, but this is the last dumpster on its way out. Thanks to the generous funding from Susan(property owner) and the hard labor of at least 15 neighbors we have reclaimed this patch of earth! We removed 10 tons ( that's right, 20,000 pounds) of roofing and waste! Now we will plant cover crops and hopefully we will have even more good earth to plant on next year! Great job everyone! You should all be proud. Your all stewards of the land!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Great resources for Portland gardeners!

Need lots of good soil to fill your beds, and cheap? Look no further! Portland collects its leaves and turns them into nutrient rich compost. An entire truckload (cubic yard) costs only $20 bucks! The same amount at a garden store would cost you about 10 times as much!

Need lumber to build your beds? One of our gardeners, Tommy, just got a great deal on a bunch of cedar from this awesome Buiseness in sherwood

Building Material Recycling

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Planting

So far - Arugula, Spinach, Butter lettuce, Beets, Rhubarb, Strawberry, Brussel sprouts, Onion, Shallot, Broccoli, Kale, and 17 Potato mounds.

2 year old Artichoke plant . . .
Strawberry & Rhubarb bed . . .